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System Installation Suite Presentations and Articles

This page contains links to all the presentations and articles about System Installation Suite that have been given. Information will be added to this page as time goes on.

Upcoming Talks

Cluster Installation with System Installation Suite - Linux World Expo (January 2003)
Sean Dague will be giving a presentation in the IBM Developers Den at Linux World Expo 2003 in New York City. The presentation will take place at 4:30pm on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003. It will cover basic SIS usage, as well as future directions.

Presentations and Articles

System Installation Suite - Ottawa Linux Symposium (June 2002)
Sean Dague presented a paper on the architecture of SIS at the Ottawa Linux Symposium. Both the paper and the presentation can be found here in various formats.
System Installation Suite - Linux World Conference and Expo (Jan 2002)
Sean Dague gave a presentation at the Linux World Conference and Expo Developers Habitat about SIS. The presentation can be found here in many formats.
OSCAR and SIS - SuperComputing 2001
Michael Chase-Salerno gave a short presentation on OSCAR and SIS at the IBM booth at SuperComputing 2001.

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