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System Installation Suite is currently under development, with a beta release planned for September. Currently a number of elements of System Installation Suite are comming together quite nicely. Here is a brief list of the status of the components of System Installation Suite:

  • System Configurator: Now at version 1.20. This includes support of installation and configuration of nearly all x86 and IA64 Linux Distributions. It requires version of 2.0.0 of SystemImager to function within the scope of SIS
  • SystemImager: The stable version of SystemImager is 2.0.1. This provides interoperability with System Installation Suite.
  • System Installer: Now at version 0.91. This release of System Installer allows for building images for RPM based x86 and IA64 distributions. It is known to work with the Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE, Turbo Linux, and Conectiva Linux distributions. There is also a GUI (tksis) for creating and managing images.

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